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Personal Development

Personal development at James Bateman

The personal development of our students is of equal importance to their academic development. This is why we offer a broad range of opportunities to ensure our students become well-rounded, confident and happy individuals.

The Environment

Our students will soon have the responsibility of looking after the planet. They have opportunities to become Eco-Councillors and also to take part in our very popular gardening club. Sustainability is one of the core themes of the Geography curriculum too, and students will learn the importance of caring for the environment. In Science, students will learn about climate change and about the collective responsibility of reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Community

We’re at the heart of the community, and we take this responsibility seriously. Students have a range of opportunities to support the community through charity events, community lunches and celebratory assemblies. We also celebrate different faiths through our ‘Faith in Focus’ events, and we have well-established links with local churches and the town council.


We have excellent sports facilities at James Bateman and our students enjoy a wide range of sports clubs and events. We also have sports teams for netball, rugby, cross-country, orienteering, football and athletics. Students compete in these sports across the West Midlands area. We also host an annual ‘Race for Life’ charity event and provide opportunities for students to take part in water sports at Astbury Mere and the Inspire Dance show at Biddulph High School.

The Arts

We offer a range of arts opportunities. We take part in Young Voices annually, where students have the opportunity to sing live in front of 10,000 people! In KS3 we head off to the West End to see a show as part of the London Residential visit. The school play offers opportunities for all year groups to take part and perform for local schools and the wider local community. Every one of our students will learn to play the ukulele and Keyboard.


Self-development is vital for success. We offer a range of well-being services with highly trained staff who support students going through personal difficulties. Our residential trips offer students the chance to build their resilience and confidence. In KS2, students visit outdoor education centres and in KS3 we visit a major city. Past trips have included London, Berlin, Edinburgh and York.


We want our students to be ambitious and look forward to their future career aspirations. Each year, students will have lessons throughout the curriculum that explore a range of careers within different subjects. We also work in partnership with the high school, meaning students attend the careers fair; this offers inspiration across many career avenues. We also offer university visits and enrichment days to support career development.


Our aim is to set up our students for a fantastic future. We have an ambitious and broad curriculum where they can explore their interests and our reading culture ensures the crucial skill of reading is embedded into their lives. We also invite motivational speakers and host inspirational assemblies to ensure our students stay motivated.

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