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At James Bateman we work very hard to continuously strike the balance of providing nutritionally balanced meals, quality products, value for money and meals that your children will enjoy. We have great fun feeding our fabulous food to inquisitive young people and it is our responsibility to make the pupils' lunchtime an enjoyable experience.

We follow the government School Food Standards guidelines which are there to ensure that our menus are nutritionally balanced but also gives us the flexibility of building an interesting, creative and varied menu. By providing our own catering service we can adapt the menu as needed or required based on pupils’ preferences and feedback.

Meal times are an important part of the day, not only is a well-fed child more likely to be receptive to participating in the afternoon activities but sitting down together and enjoying a meal helps to develop social skills. So, it is imperative to ensure that the meal times are an enjoyable  feature of the day.

 Currently, our menu is planned on a 4-week basis, this gives us the chance to trial new dishes, gain feedback, then amend them for the next rotation as needed. We home cook as many dishes as we can to ensure they are full of nutrition and tasty. 

The menus are also adapted through our warmer months to lighter options. We will then offer more sandwiches, wraps and cold options in our deli section. We also have cold desserts, and easy grab and go items.

Break sales

At break time we offer a variety of hot food to the pupils such as toast, toasted bagels, crumpets, toasted  teacake, and pancakes. Break special of oatcakes or one of the following - bacon sandwich, sausage bap, ham and cheese toasties, filled    bagels, sweet waffles.

We also have freshly  prepared fruit pots for sale and a variety of drinks daily. All of our drinks are child-friendly and  follow the government sugar guidelines.


We serve a varied menu during our lunch period, with a choice of 3 options from Monday-Thursday and 2 options on a Friday. With offer a vegetarian option daily. We also have a range of desserts to offer and drinks for sale. We cater for specific dietary requirements on an individual basis. Currently, we offer a mix of dairy-free, gluten-free and soya-free main meals and desserts on a daily basis.  Our lunchtime menu for this term is below.

Community Events

We invite our community to join us for coffee mornings and lunch/supper where they get to enjoy the company of our pupils with a home-cooked meal from our dining room.




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