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Special Education Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

Hello, my name is Mrs Fletcher, and I am the school's SENDCo (Co-ordinator for Special Educational Needs and  Disabilities).

As SENDCo, I am always available to speak to you about any specific concerns that you may have and can be contacted by calling the school office on 01782 973900.

Communication starts with your child’s class teacher (Key Stage 2) or Form/Subject Teacher (Key Stage 3). These people are best placed to discuss your child’s specific needs or your own concerns and will be able to pass on any information to the relevant person within school.

The Teaching Assistants at James Bateman play a key role in supporting our pupils and run numerous interventions throughout the week. We have frequent opportunities where parents are able to speak to staff about their child’s progress, such as coffee mornings and parents' evenings.

SEND Identification Process

Support starts in the classroom, but when concerns are raised, teachers and teaching assistants will monitor carefully and gather together evidence ready for the start of a Graduated Response.  

Additional support may then be put in place by means of intervention sessions or from outside agencies who can be brought in to assess and advise. 


Where pupils require a more intensive form of support, an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) may be applied for.

Pupils with additional needs will have a One-Page Profile and Pupil Passport that will share their strengths and difficulties with the staff that work closely with them.

SEND Support & Interventions

We have put in place a wide range of  support and interventions all with the sole aim of providing additional support for the pupils that need it.

· Guided Reading Sessions,

· English Interventions,

· Classroom based interventions to support writing, handwriting and timetables,

· Fine Motor Skills Support,

· Pre - teaching and follow-on sessions that build on core subject learning,

· SATs Booster Sessions,

· ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support),

· Nurture,

· Emotion Coaching,

· Forest Schools (Social Skills and Teamwork),

· Trailblazers (Mental Health Support),

And many more focused sessions based on individual student needs. These interventions take place during lessons, assemblies and occasionally before/after school.


We are a dyslexia-friendly school and as such, we ensure that our classrooms are set up and ready to support any pupil who either has a full diagnosis or displays dyslexic tendencies.

For those pupils, work will be presented in a dyslexia-friendly way using clear layouts and the whiteboard will be set to a background that will make it easier to read. Visual aids will be provided along with memory clues and support.

We use dyslexia-friendly fonts as standard - proved to be easier for dyslexic pupils to follow.

Other resources made available are coloured overlays, manipulatives and specialist dictionaries.


Please follow this link to our current SEN Information Report



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